Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Insights on Behavior

I like to consider myself an observant person...perhaps too observant for my own good. Honestly though, some people just don't realize that they are being watched all time. I have some paranoid tendencies that make me look around at everything except what I am currently supposed to be working on. [pause] See? Anyways, I'm sure I do this too, but if you need to pick a wedgie, go to the freaking bathroom to do it. No matter how hard you try to be discrete about it, there is absolutely no other reason why your hand needs to be at your butt. Just don't do it. Another thing I have noticed is that people don't prefer comfort over being "in". To all those people out there who where big boots and pants that get tucked under the tongues of the boots, this is directed to you. No matter how cool you think you look with the wannabe tapered pant look, people look at you and lose respect. That brings me to the actual tapered pant look. Now, people...I am sure it will come back into fashion sooner or later, but like Oprah said, NOBODY can pull off the tapered look.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Wow, fireworks.

I must say, Red White and BOOM 25 was not up to my expectations. Where were all the smileyfaces or the "O's" with the Hang on Sloopy theme? I guess the off years are more important than the evenly divisible by five years.

So, Stan and Melissa got married. It was a great ceremony and some great fun being able to hang out with everybody. I wish them the best.

As for school...poo on school. I am exhausted. I have to get up at around 7 everyday...that's tough. The reading is the killer. Eck. I'm not a good reader, so my philosophy is, don't read. LoL. Now I have to catch up during this long weekend which may be tough because I am going to Cincinnati this weekend. I had my first exam for my history of Rock 'n Roll class. Studied way too hard for it and yet I think I did kind of poorly. By the way, Troy Smith is in my class. I think that's pretty cool. However, he and Brandon Underwood keep on burping and farting in class. It is very interesting.

Saturday, May 07, 2005


Mother's Day...it is this Sunday. There has always been somethings that bother me about this so-called "Mother's Day". I don't know if anybody else sees that there is something wrong with our society. We celebrate our mothers on Mother's Day, we celebrate our fathers on Father's Day, we even celebrate our grandparents on Grandparent's Day, but how about us kids? We deserve Kid's Day or Children's Day. I am not talking about the oh, let's celebrate children by making a donation to a charity. I am talking about the same respect the other holidays get. I want presents! Who doesn't? This may end up sounding very selfish...but that really is not my intention. I am merely presenting the facts inconsistency with our lives. Do I have any supporters out there? ANY?! Let me know what you think.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Yay! A Blog!

Okay! I am ready to get started with this new blog thing. So what do I want to rant about? I am going to rant about how I spend 3 hours every night preparing for Chinese but then my instructor (laoshi) says "you need to work on your vocabulary". WHAT THE HECK?!? I did work on my vocabulary...for 3 hours. Well, that's all I can really think to talk about so, until next time...